Mr. Wei Jianguo is in charge of the Department of Western Asian and African Affairs, Department of Electromechanical Products & Science and Technology Industry, Department of Aid to Foreign Countries, the Executive Bureau of International Economic Cooperation and China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products.
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Vice Minister Wei Hosts A Banquet for Asian and African Envoys to China2008-03-12 14:30:31

The 4th Session of China-Angola Joint Working Group on Package Cooperation Held2008-02-04 10:01:54

Vice Minister Wei Meets Eritrean Minister of Finance2008-01-23 15:37:26

Vice Minister Wei Jianguo Meets Vice President of Asian Development Bank2008-01-17 14:12:42

Vice Minister Wei Meets with Zimbabwe's Permanent Secretary of Finance2007-12-20 08:57:32

Vice Minister Wei meets Minister for Planning and Economic Affairs of Liberia2007-12-11 08:36:47

Vice Minister Wei meets ambassador of Yemen to China2007-12-03 14:28:02

Vice Minister Wei meets Senegal's Ambassador to China2007-09-29 08:39:51

Vice Minister Wei Jianguo Addresses the 2007 China Foreign-invest Corporation CSR Summit and Cases Collection2007-08-28 09:51:06

Vice Minister Wei meets GE China Chairman and CEO2007-08-24 17:03:24

The First China Silk Festival held in Beijing2007-08-10 08:45:59

Vice Minister Wei attends China Hi-Tech Fair US Sector Coordination Meeting2007-08-02 08:10:08

Vice Minister Wei Jianguo meets Minister of Posts, Telephones and Telecommunications of Congo-Kinshasa in Beijing2007-06-21 10:59:18

Vice Minister Wei Jianguo Met Senegal's Ambassador to China in Beijing2007-06-15 17:06:26

6th session of Algeria-China mixed committee on trade and economy closed in Beijng2007-06-14 10:46:55

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